White Gold Wedding Band in Matte Finish

White Gold Wedding Band in Matte Finish

Posted by Paula G on Jun 22nd 2017

White gold ring and jewelry in general look very graceful and never get old fashioned.

It can have highly polished look, or matte finish, or both.

White gold is an alloy of gold and one other white metal and the content will vary depending what other metal is used.
It could be nickel, manganese or palladium.

There are three main groups of gold color, white gold, rose gold and yellow gold, and many variations of each color can be achieved.
For example, there is rose gold, pink gold and red gold, but each one in its category may have slight variation of tone that may give it chocolate tone or another mixture of different proportion of alloys may give it more of a pink tone.
Pure gold is slightly reddish yellow too, but if mixed with alloys like silver and copper in various proportions, white, yellow and red gold can be produced.
Each color gold may or may not look suitable for all jewelry designs and combinations of gem stones, so it needs to be picked carefully.

14kt White Gold Flower Ring With Black Diamond Center Stone.