About Us

Hi !

My name is Anjay and I'm a CAD custom jewelry designer
I'm designing jewelry for more then 25 years.

I am honored to be able to create a token of love in form of jewelry to make a couple to bind forever and have their happily ever after moment continuously.
You can only give what you have, so I give my 100% of love, time and hard work to provide my jewelry for beautiful people, which means every singe person who loves…
My goal is to make a special piece of jewelry for your special day to be shared with your significant other, to make you whole with each other forever to come!!!

I offer verity of different styles of designs to satisfy a verity of tastes.
You can rest assured that you can find jewelry for engagement, wedding and any special occasion there is by visiting my collection containing different colors of gold or platinum and diamonds and other precious gems.
We welcome your questions and feedback.
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LOS ANGELES, CA 90014 Tel: 818-800-3770