Unique Ring Designs With Trinity Knot Symbol Double Rope Engagement Ring.

Unique Ring Designs With Trinity Knot Symbol Double Rope Engagement Ring.

Posted by Paula G on Dec 11th 2017

Unique Trinity Knot Symbol Double Rope Engagement Ring with Special Center Stone Setting.

Infinity symbol signifies endless, undying, forever love life and is a perfect design element concept for an engagement ring and wedding band as individual ring or a ring set.

This ring has both, double rope intertwining shank of the ring and a trinity symbol, which both elements mean strong connection, forever love and togetherness...

It is amassing that the ring does not only look beautiful and harmonious, but also signifies every wonderful thing it can, about the purpose of the ring.

This ring can be purchased at very affordable prices in rose gold, white gold or yellow gold and platinum.

It can also be customized with different kind of center stones.

White gold is manufactured by alloying other metals with yellow gold. Most commercial alloys are zinc, silver, gold and nickel however platinum is also used. White gold is available only up to 21 carat so as to retain the white color.

There are several varieties of white gold. Palladium and nickel are the top two gold bleachers; zinc and silver are the next two best elements to bleach yellow gold white. Plating yellow gold with rhodium may also help it to turn white. In case copper is added to the alloy mix, the piece has to rhodium plated.

According to certain bench jewelers, alloying gold with nickel results in a cold white color and is tough to work with. When palladium is used as the alloying metal,., the size setting will be relatively heavier, due to palladium's comparatively high specific gravity, and hence the setting will be made more expensive.