Unique  Engagement Ring  With Moissanite Center Stone

Unique Engagement Ring With Moissanite Center Stone

Posted by Paula G on Aug 18th 2017

Infinity and Trinity Knot Symbol Double Rope Ring.

This wedding band is very uniquely designed transform a rope into a trinity knot and back into a rope again, signifying endless love cycle.

Infinity symbol signifies endless, undying, forever love life and is a perfect design element concept for an engagement ring and wedding band as individual ring or a ring set.

This ring has both, infinity intertwining shank of the ring and a trinity symbol, which both elements mean strong connection, forever love and togetherness...

It is amassing that the ring does not only look beautiful and harmonious, but also signifies every wonderful thing it can, about the purpose of the ring.

This ring can be purchased at very affordable prices in rose gold, white gold or yellow gold and platinum.

It can also be customized to become an engagement ring by adding a center stone setting with different kind of stones of your choice.