Engagement and Wedding  Rings

Engagement and Wedding Rings

Posted by Paula G on Jun 22nd 2017

From ancient times till current times, in many cultures of the world, weddying rings are known to be worm on the ring finger, which is the fourth finger starting form the thumb.
The ring itself in shape of a circle was the symbol of eternity, with no beginning or end, in many cultures and the hole in the middle signified the doorway to the couple'e life together as one.

It was strongly believed since ancient times, that there is a vain going along the ring finger to one's heart and it was called by European cultures as, ' Vine di'Amori ' , the vain of love, that is the main reason why  engagement  and wedding rings are worn on this finger.

Actually, in most cases the wedding ring is worn above the engagement ring, so the ring finger can include two rings, even though now days it is slowly becoming in style to bind the engagement ring with two identical wedding bands for beauty and fancy look, and to sort of signify that strong fence/protection of the couple's lifetime engagement and commitment.

This engagement ring and wedding band set, ADLR369S, includes an engagement ring with two matching bands.