​Black Diamond Celtic Ring With Nature Inspired Design Elements

​Black Diamond Celtic Ring With Nature Inspired Design Elements

Posted by Paula G on Jun 4th 2018

Black Pearl And Diamond Accent Stones Celtic Ring With Nature Inspired Design Elements 

Black Pearl center stone adds up into a pleasant focal point in this beautiful engagement and wedding ring set. 

One of the most important aspects of a wedding is wedding jewelry and specifically wedding ring(s), and therefore it should be picked with the intention that it shall remain pleasant for many many years to come and with always changing fashion and forever remain contemporary.

Wedding and engagement rings in this collection are very unique and beautiful and will always be fashionable.

Nature has always inspired human soul and will always create heart warming desire to be close to ourselves, specially in form of bridal jewelry...

In addition to the lacy beauty of metal craftsmanship, the gemstone selection depicted on this particular ring is also creating unique combination of nature, color and spark. 

Diamonds, often referred to as King of Crystals, King of Gems, Stone of unbreakable Invulnerability, Stone of Invincibility, power stone, etc.

Strength, Light, Clarity, Divine Truth, Spirituality.

Diamond is known to be the hardest natural mineral, which grows in the mantle of the Earth and is pushed up rapidly toward the surface to give birth to this magnificent stone.

Diamond is a stone that is used to bring energies of longevity, balance, clarity, intensity, success, and abundance. It also brings eternity, purity, and high frequency energy. It also is a stone of amplification, including thoughts, strengths, and weaknesses.

Diamonds in general are high vibration stones that radiate Light energy.

Diamonds increase all levels of energy, including Divine and spiritual energy, and therefore it provides and strengthens spiritual, physical, and psychic sight.

Black pearls are thought of to relate to The Void which everything comes from.

Therefore, it signifies a source that brings abundance and prosperity, along with every good and desirable into your life.

This ring would make excellent engagement ring or a very special present for your loved one.
This setting is available in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum.