Halo engagement ring set

Halo engagement ring set

Posted by Paula G on Jun 27th 2017

Halos can be created in any shape to match the center stone shape, such as round cut stones, princess cut stones, pare shape, heart shape and so on.

There are many different types of ring designs and though they all look beautiful, not all are popular or most desired.
However, ring designs with halo are very much in style, always, and are always desirable.
Halo rings make the center stone setting more vivid and eye catching and help to add to the glory of the purpose of an engagement ring.
The center stone looks very dramatic and more special when surrounded with any kind of halo, including halo with diamonds, color gemstones, or even simple metal halo without any stones.

Most halos will look beautiful with gemstones and some will look nice with a simple halo.
While usually adding halo design element with gemstones to a simple solitaire ring will add to the value of the ring, in some cases, simple metal halo added to a center stone setting is a very simple and clever way to pup up the look of the ring and yet keep it very close to the original value of the solitaire ring.

however, not all designs will look too appealing with a halo without gemstones.

We offer many halo ring designs with simple halo and with gemstones on halo.